The release of The Last of Us 2 postponed to June 19. The development team has also warned users that due to the transfer of this release they have to wait for the Ghost of Tsushima until 17 July. For whatever reason, Sony has carried out an audit – see below.

 Head Herman Hulst company turned to the team working on projects – Sucker Punch and Naughty Dog – and thanked the employees for their work, which was a success, despite all the difficulties of the situation.

 He also noted that both teams have made every effort to create a world-class games. Currently, he said, the only thing to do – to wait for the moment when they will rub their valued fans.

 It should be noted that initially the output of The Last of Us 2 was scheduled for the end of May. Logistic problems concerning production, transport and sale of copies have delayed the release date. At the moment it became known that the transfer carried out for a period less than a month.

 However, the problem indirectly affected the release date of another game – Ghost of Tsushima. Her release could not take place seven days after the action adventure, so the start of the game was delayed for three weeks.

 Earlier data on the game published in our dedicated article.

 Recall that the game was presented the gameplay video that caused a wave of misunderstanding the fans. What was the problem – read in a separate article.

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