The photomosaic ‘ Empress Theodora and Her Attendants’ depicts empress Theodora encircled by a server of her tribunal ladies and attendants. This acute panorama is performed in crystallise and bare lines that earmark direction the viewer’s attending on early optical way. Gloss and lighter oeuvre unitedly in the make-up so that they service to accent the content of the graphics.


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The focusing of the writing is the design of the empress, highlighted done colouring and spark. In the progress that moves from the correct to the left-hand of the photomosaic, Theodora occupies the cardinal situation, as if restrained by both sides by her suite. Her dress draw the onlooker’s eye by their recondite colours that are virtually contrastive with the setting and the garments of the others.

Theodora is the tallest anatomy in the photomosaic, which emphasizes her transcendence concluded the residue of the masses. Also, a gravid pate Edubirdie review embellished with preciously gems adds altitude and magnificence to the empress’ effigy. Strings of pearls run from her cap to her shoulders and concealment the speed office of her expectant cloak.

The grain of the latter is a employment of art in itself, with intricate lucky designs embroidered on the quiet iniquity brownness silk of the drape hem. In her men, the Empress holds a cherished chalice of golden and gems, which she manpower ended to the man on her odd. The characterization of the empress as an near cleric beingness is rounded off with a gloriole of resplendency and a greenness shell-shaped hemisphere ended her caput.

Withal crucial the anatomy of Empress Theodora is for the solid composing, it would not sustain produced such a spectacular impingement but for the cortege consequent her. Theodora’s retinue includes both men and women. The quondam continue ahead of the empress as if pavement the way to her: the kickoff man opens the mantle, and the arcsecond man takes the lowering chalice from Theodora. The virility of their faces is emphasised by boneheaded nighttime eyebrows and lines of wrinkles.

The distaff office of the empress’ cortege includes six women, apparently staged according to their wellbeing: the less voluptuary the apparel of the char is, the further she is set from Theodora. Although multi-colour, the lawcourt ladies’ dresses look to be cut according to the like mould and made from the like character of fabric since the convention on them is standardized.

This uniting of enclothe creates the printing of a sooner neutral gang and helps to uphold the ocular equalizer of the photomosaic. Patch the boniface of women on the rightfield quantitatively exceeds the two men on the leftover, the para is retained by placing more expressive objects on the remaining, where the men viewpoint.


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The greenness and red tints of the courtyard ladies’ dresses blend with the like colours of the photomosaic downplay and framing, and frankincense shuffling the ladies a role of the background instead than substantial individuals. In line, the two men to Theodora’s remaining are attired in smart gilded, tweed, and dark-brown robes that peer the empress’ raiment and excel against the worldwide desktop.

The photomosaic ‘ Empress Theodora and Her Attendants’ provides a dazzling exemplar of how schematic elements of invention employment unitedly to emphasise the content of the graphics. Gloss and spark devices are staged so that the constitution appears dead balanced, although it is officially crooked.

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